Most content creators have a plethora of channels where they design, sell, promote, and create their products. They have their social media outlets where you can reach them for commissions, or reach them about questions. They have linktrees to direct people to galleries, prices, etc. 

Creators value their originality and the customizability of their work. The problem with being an independent creator though, is both competitive pricing, monitoring all of your social outlets, and access to clients. For many, arts revolving around streaming such as emotes, notification audio, logos, intro screens and more, cannot be a full time niche for designers. The competition between large design organizations, other independent creators, and even 3rd party programs available to streamers, makes this field hard for individual work to be found, compared, and discussed in a collaborative setting. 


We seek to provide independent creators with an easy, less time consuming method for selling their designs without having to track down client by client. 


CoopCollab offers vendors a free service to monitor their product purchases, trends, and products, without having to check in daily, making it easy to sell their products while working a day job or designing your next featured project. Creators use an interactive dashboard to customize how customers receive content, how many files are available for purchase, can answer inquiries through their vendor page, and can refer any interested parties outside of CoopCollab to their page to serve as a live portfolio and shop. CoopCollab also allows creators to easily share individual products to their own social pages and to see how their pricing generally matches up with other artists. This way a creator can surmise if they are underselling their work.


We also provide a space for creators to feature their work and be featured. This way their content is actively being shared even if they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Our website has a rotating featured section on the homepage, and a blog where vendor interviews and related topics will be showcased as we continue to grow! 


We want to make the art of designing streaming resources more accessible to creators and a more viable way of establishing an income. It may take some time, but we are determined to create a home where vendors and viewers can cooperate and collaborate in order to create unique, gorgeous, and exciting designs for streamers.