hunt showdown

This game sets a new tone for battle royales across the board. As opposed to royales like Fortnite or Apex, Hunt Showdown starts you off small, with only five teams. You and your two partners are charged with hunting down a small selection of dangerous creatures causing havoc amongst the bayous of Louisiana. They can be tracked by using ‘dark sight’, an ability that plays similarly to Wraith’s teleporting in Apex. You are not the only team of bounty-hunters looking to get paid though, and there are more than just the bounty creatures roaming around. The creatures that Crytek expose you to throughout the game are marvelously gruesome. From the massacred pig-headed butcher to the water devils that consistently seek to drown you, the art style is horrific but gorgeous. The range of character features makes it even more depressing to be forced to permanently depart from a character after having died as well. The large variety of characters are made to be purchased and swapped out because once they die during a match, they will be removed from your character roster indefinitely. I would prefer it if the difficulties of monsters that roamed around the different settings ranged a bit more, making the more elaborately designed ones harder. At the moment, only the bounty creatures (spider, butcher, assassin) pose any real difficulty. Sound cues are very important. Fellow hunters will be able to locate you if you step on piles of glass, bump into windchimes, get too close to an injured horse, or… your gun. As you customize your character’s loadout you can test the depth of sound the different weapons create to minimize the risk of detection. Since eliminating your opponents is not necessarily the main goal, there is less precedence to mindlessly wipe each other. This isn’t to say that you can entirely avoid a classic shoot-out. Overall I consider this game to be an adventurous take on the battle royale genre. With the addition of dark sight and environmental factors that can severely deter your chances of winning or losing, it forces the player to better interact with their surrounds and with their teammates. I look forward to seeing how they make updates going forward in the hopes of having more challenging creatures, and perhaps a larger variety of them as well. 

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